little electric shock like pains??

well today on the left side of my belly button i have been getting this feeling where it feels like a little electric shock on and off! i press a little but couldnt feel anything. im 20w4d and not felt any kicks! could this be kicking??
anyone else had this?

By: babymama915
Member since Jan 30, 2011
Posted: on Apr 11, 2011
Sounds like round ligament pain to me. I have that too.
By: jillebeanzzz
Member since Mar 22, 2011
Posted: on Apr 11, 2011
I have been having this but it will shoot out to my crotch muscles
By: heyitsblondie
Member since Feb 06, 2011
Posted: on Apr 12, 2011
oh my gosh!!! This so happened to me. Spouse was driving down the highway. i screamed bloody murder! he yelled at me.... what, what is so bad that you svream like that on the highway making him swearve and almost drive off the road. i started crying and told him our little boy must have a taser in there. It felt as i was litterally tasered from the inside. So after the pain calmed down, hubby calmed down from almost driving off the road, we were able to laugh a little. I talked with all my friends and family and none ever had a feeling like this. My Doc said he must have kicked a big nerve. So I would say yes it was a kick you felt.
By: bennyandalaijah
Member since Dec 20, 2010
Posted: on Apr 12, 2011
I have that as well.I am now 24 weeks.Makes me itch after..Strange,but glad I am not alone.
By: gingersucks
Member since Feb 18, 2011
Posted: on Apr 12, 2011
It gets referred to as "lightening crotch"! Owww!!
By: heyitsblondie
Member since Feb 06, 2011
Posted: on Apr 12, 2011
No crotch problems here. My taser event in the car was an inch maybe two inches left of my belly button.
By: natashaaa
Member since Mar 02, 2011
Posted: on Apr 12, 2011
I've felt the same pain mu mine isn't near my belly button. It's usually around my left rib area. My doctor also told be it's him kicking a nerve. I'm 21 weeks and I cant feel kicking just when he rolls around. I'd agree that it is definitely kicking you feel
By: lilymc
Member since Jan 07, 2011
Posted: on Apr 13, 2011
Yep same in the crotch area, about 3 shocks with 5 secs in between each, v.painful!

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